Boxer Dog Pendant In SOLID Sterling Silver With Diamond Eyes


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This Boxer Dog Pendant In  Sterling Silver And Diamonds is just the perfect gift for the boxer lovers out there. It is solid silver through and through.  It has diamond eyes. We can customize this and put any color diamond or gemstone in the eyes, to mimic your special best friend.

This is another Dacarli pendant that is NOT HOLLOW. It is rich and luxurious, and heavy.

This is a custom order only at this time.

This model is neutered, but if you have a male and want to wear him in all his masculine glory, we have the model with his manhood (doghood?) showing. Just could not get my design team to agree. It seems the animals rights activists want all animals neutered, and they won the argument. I like my pets au natural.

Can be CUSTOM ORDERED in any metal

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Specification Details
Model Number: 14361
Metal Type: 925 sterling silver
Total Metal Weight: 8.00
Total number of Stones: 2
Total Diamond Weight: 0.02
Main Stone Setting: bead-set
Quantity: 2 Type: diamond Weight: 0.02
Shape: round-shape Color: GH Clarity: SI
Cut: very-good-cut