Engagement Rings: Antique, Vintage, Art Deco Reproductions or Genuine? The important thing to remember is that these terms are not readily understood by the public, and sometimes the jewelers selling them have difficulty with the terms. We are not talking about genuine antiques, or genuine vintage rings. A real Antique ring has to be at
If you are researching about “conflict free diamonds” it means that you are interested in buying an engagement ring, right? As you know, there is a lot more about buying an engagement ring than finding out about the diamond source. 2.4 million engagement rings are sold every year in America. In our American culture, the

Art Nouveau Jewelry

If you know anything about jewelry, chances are that you’ve heard the term “art nouveau.” Art Nouveau was a very short lived, but dramatically recognized period. During this time, some of the most desirable pieces were created. This movement began during the final years of the reign of Queen Victoria as both an artistic and

Lockets: What is the Big Secret?

Lockets are small, beautiful cases typically worn as a pendant that hold a keepsake or picture. The history of lockets is nearly as much of a secret as the contents. Lockets are thought to hold your deepest secrets and are always very sentimental and personal to the person wearing it. A locket commonly contains a

Fleur-de-lis as a Jewelry Motif

The fleur-de-lis is an elegant and timeless symbol. The English translation is “flower of the lily.” The fleur-de-lis is representative of the lotus flower and has many meanings attached to it. This symbol has been commonly used to represent royalty in France. Legend states that an angel gave the Merovingian king of the Franks a

Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco jewelry is fun and funky- influenced heavily by geometric shapes- but where did it come from? The art deco style became quite popular around 1925, after the World’s Fair was held in Paris, France. “Art Deco” is actually simply a shortened form of the name of the event: the International Exposition of Modern