Thursday, 08 June 2017 / Published in Howard's Blog
Of course, the answer to the last question is that diamonds are used to cut and polish other diamonds! But before getting there, let’s consider the deliciousness of secret and arcane knowledge, and why we are magnetically drawn to what we aren’t supposed to know, like secret handshakes, passwords and whispered gossip of all sorts.
Thursday, 08 June 2017 / Published in Howard's Blog
As the daughter of a diamond dealer whose office was on 47th Street in Manhattan, I was both an insider and an outsider at the same time. An outsider because I was a woman, and an insider because I was privy to all the details of a dying, pre-digital, age-old business in the mid-20th century.
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 / Published in Howard's Blog
When I opened the door to interview a temporary babysitter, it was a case of Mr. Mom meet Pippi Longstockings. Before me stood a preternaturally thin, redheaded man of indeterminate age.  He grinned, revealing a gap-toothed smile, with one brilliant, yellow diamond set into his front tooth. This matched the one in his left earlobe.
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The emerald cut is probably one of the oldest cut in the history of diamond cutting. Also known as a step cut, they are treasured for their timeless and elegant looks. They can be a perfect choice for your engagement if a distinct and vintage look is what you are looking for. My mother and
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Lockets are small, beautiful cases typically worn as a pendant that hold a keepsake or picture. The history of lockets is nearly as much of a secret as the contents. Lockets are thought to hold your deepest secrets and are always very sentimental and personal to the person wearing it. A locket commonly contains a
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The fleur-de-lis is an elegant and timeless symbol. The English translation is “flower of the lily.” The fleur-de-lis is representative of the lotus flower and has many meanings attached to it. This symbol has been commonly used to represent royalty in France. Legend states that an angel gave the Merovingian king of the Franks a
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Art Deco jewelry is fun and funky- influenced heavily by geometric shapes- but where did it come from? The art deco style became quite popular around 1925, after the World’s Fair was held in Paris, France. “Art Deco” is actually simply a shortened form of the name of the event: the International Exposition of Modern
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It’s universally acknowledged that June is the month for weddings. Whether because the onset of summer is conducive for honeymoons, or because Christmas and Valentine’s Day are times for receiving engagement rings, June is the most popular time for getting married. Accordingly, the most popular trend in wedding jewelry is antique wedding rings. Vintage wedding
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Vintage diamond jewelry can be coordinated with a bride’s choice of an antique romantic look for her wedding. Bridal ring sets can pull together her entire wedding design, and can help achieve a unified “look”. It’s interesting, that although we have more possibilities than ever, brides are turning to vintage or antique wedding jewelry to
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Antique diamond earrings can be elegant, or casual. What’s that, you say? Antique diamond earrings can be worn every day? Really? Certainly, but doing that requires a good sense of fashion and style. So let’s look at a few general suggestions first. The first tip is as old as the sphinx itself: know yourself! It’s