Lockets: What is the Big Secret?

Lockets are small, beautiful cases typically worn as a pendant that hold a keepsake or picture. The history of lockets is nearly as much of a secret as the contents. Lockets are thought to hold your deepest secrets and are always very sentimental and personal to the person wearing it. Some of these lockets are
Dangling drop earrings
What’s that, you say? Antique diamond earrings can be worn every day? Really? Certainly, but doing that requires a good sense of fashion and style. So let’s look at a few general suggestions first. The first tip is as old as the sphinx itself: know yourself! It’s important to analyze the shape of your face

How to clean Diamond Jewelry at Home?

Dacarli’s tried and tested DIY tips to clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home Sure, anyone can go to a jewelry store and ask the shopkeeper to clean their diamond dangling earrings or any item of jewelry. Even regular diamond earrings need occasional cleaning as well. Sometimes the jeweler might even do it for free. But