Engagement rings

Engagement rings

In the after-dinner warmth of the hot and sour soup, Mary and Hannah continued their discussion of vintage diamond engagement rings. “I always wanted an antique ring setting,” continued Hannah, “but I guess I didn’t consider the donor!”



Dacarli’s Vintage Engagement Rings

The Dacarli collection of vintage-style engagement rings uses the same models that were originally used to create the masterpieces of old. The Art Deco diamond engagement ring for example was hugely popular, and for good reason. They were masterfully designed and crafted.

Our Rings are brand new.  What our most discerning clients are looking for is the vintage style with the highest quality according to today’s standards. In many cases this means engagement ring styles with a look popular from the past 50-75 years ago, with a center diamond or a diamond cluster. Or perhaps something like a sapphire and diamond combination, set in the same models that were used to create the originals.

It’s much more pleasurable of an experience to be in control of the style you really want. It can be personalized with the diamond of your choice, plus other stones in the shapes and colors that complete your ring and budget. Check out our ring guide to fully customize your vintage or antique-style engagement ring. 


Every category except those listed as Vintage has a good mix of Modern and Contemporary styles.