Antique Engagement Rings

Antique Versus Antique Style

Eight Reasons To Purchase Antique Style Engagement Rings Versus Genuine Antique Engagement Rings

 We first have to distinguish between genuine antique engagement rings, which are at least 100 years old, and antique style engagement rings, which are reproductions manufactured today.

The genuine antique is very rare and in most instances, disappointing compared to what it looked like 100 years ago, when it was brand new. After all, the antique is very old, and with that age comes the reality of it being used, and very worn. Worn down and worn out, that is. To find an antique engagement ring that is in "pristine" condition would be rare indeed, rare to the point of not even being credible. Most antique engagement rings in "pristine" condition have spent countless hours on the bench being repaired, and refurbished. Hardly  "100% genuine" at all.

Further to the point, when the antiques were made they were made with antique diamonds. Also referred to as "old mine cuts", these diamonds, while having a charming history, are not very brilliant. The diamond cutting proportions were not as well understood and known 100 years ago, as they are today. The dimensions and proportions to which the diamonds were then being cut to, let most of the light and brilliance "leak" out. The result is an asymmetrical, less brilliant, and much less valuable gem.

The technology simply did not exist 100 years ago to cut and polish exactly proportioned and finely cut bright sparkling diamonds.  Today we cut modern diamonds to exacting proportions, which maximize the brilliance and "fire" that these gems display.

So if you are in the market for an antique engagement ring, unless you have the time and the money to pursue a truly rare, finely preserved, restored, not so "worn" ring, you will be in for a long journey. One with a usually disappointing outcome. You will have to visit countless yard sales, antique dealers, and pawnshops on your quest. What are the odds that you will find what you are looking for? You will wind up choosing between less than ideal options.  Instead of what can be the fun and happy experience of choosing the symbol of your devotion and commitment to each other, you will be embarking on a false treasure hunt, wrought with frustration, disappointment, and ultimately, compromise.

Today, with the tremendous popularity of antique style engagement rings, you have perfectly fine options compared to the above unhappy scenario.  Jewelry companies, recognizing the demand for these beautiful and timeless designs, produce antique replicas, or antique style engagement rings. The nomenclature used for replica or simply antique reproductions, is sometimes referred to as antique engagement rings, or vintage engagement rings. They are not antique, nor are they vintage engagement rings. What they are, are designs inspired by rings manufactured 100 or more years ago, but made now. They are the modern reincarnation of a class of antique engagement rings so beautiful, and so timelessly inspired, that they had to be perpetuated.

The antique engagement rings made in the 1920's and 1930's are referred to as art deco rings. Rings made in this time period are characterized by geometric shapes and designs. There are other antique engagement ring styles, representing different time periods. Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, and Vintage, and they all can be said to be included under the same umbrella term of antique engagement rings, or vintage engagement rings. These rings have common characteristics. These include, antique engraving, milgrain edges and designs, and open filigree. These are the "building blocks" of this genre. Without at least one of these characteristics they are not truly antique engagement ring styles.

The benefits of these antique style engagement rings, or vintage style engagement rings, which are produced and sold today are numerous.

1. Availability and ease of purchase. No endless hunting expeditions to antique dealers, yard sales, classified ads, and pawn shops.
2. Brand new merchandise, with manufacturers guarantees attached. Avoiding previously re-furbished, repaired, authentic but quite "worn" items.
3. Choices of materials, such as different Karat and color of gold, or Platinum. You won't have to settle for whatever it is that that someone else wanted.
4. Shopping with your own values, such as ethically sourced gold, and conflict free diamonds. Who knows what bad Karma is attached to a pre-owned ring.
5. Patronize American manufacturers, and avoid buying from child labor exploitation regions, where so many imports originate, such as China and Pakistan.
6. Choose from hundreds of styles inspired by genuine antique engagement rings designed in a time when exacting handcrafting was the norm.
7. Purchase the antique inspired engagement rings with modern cut diamonds. Wear brilliance on your finger, not the less brilliant old miners.
8. The opportunity to participate in custom designing a ring inspired by an antique engagement ring design, now totally unobtainable.

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