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The history of pendants stretches back to prehistoric times. Take for example the Venus of Hohle Fels, which is a prehistoric archeological artifact. This artifact is a figurine carved out of Mammoth's ivory in the shape of a woman's body. In place of the head, the figurine has a perforation so that it may have been worn as a pendant!

Egyptian cat pendant The Greeks started using gold and gems in jewelry in 600 BC, although beads shaped as shells and animals were produced widely in earlier times. By 300 BC, the Greeks had mastered making colored jewels and using amethysts, pearls and emeralds. That's when the pendant as we know it today started appearing as an article of jewelry.

Hunting dog pendant Many of the oldest pendants had animals as motif. Among the animal themed pendants, cats have always been a frequent subject. Sacred to the ancient Egyptians, cats were the special attribute of the goddess Bastet, the protectress of home, mothers, and children, and were frequently depicted in art and jewelry. Jewels of the cat goddess Bastet can be traced back to as early as 3200 BC during the second dynasty in northern Egypt.

Dogs are another theme that have been often used throughout human history in jewelry making. On the right side is a photograph of a dog pendant crafted in gold and featuring asymmetrical shaped pearls. This particular piece was made in 1560 and can be found at The Schmuck Museum of Jewelry in Germany.


Animal Pendants in Fashion

Cat & butterfly pendant Animal pendants are all the rage these days. Dacarli's jewelry designers are finding ways to capture nature's beauty by depicting birds, fishes, wild animals, and pets . In fact, this is a fashion trend that we can all appreciate. It is a true pleasure to wear a pendant that reminds us of an animal that we hold dear.

At Dacarli.com, you can find a collection of animal pendants. We have a growing selection of dog pendant , cat pendant , butterfly pendant , dolphin pendant , elephant pendant , turtle pendant , rabbit pendant , and many more. Animal pendants are very popular but pendants that depict pets are in high demand. Every one of our pendants is made by our in-house experienced and talented jewelers. We at Dacarli.com are always looking out for brand new items to keep you in style with the current trends.


Cross Pendants

Cross pendant The cross is considered to be the most widely recognized religious symbol in the world. It is mainly associated with Christianity but has been used as a symbol by civilizations that precede Christianity. An example of that is the Crux Ansata, which was originally the Egyptian symbol for "life", and was adopted latter on by the Copts (Egyptian Christians)as their Christian symbol.

The cross is often shown in different shapes and sizes, in many different styles. Some of the most traditional cross pendant designs are the Latin cross (the traditional cross design), the Maltese cross , the Celtic Cross , and the Rose Cross . In recent years, Jewelers have been designing beautiful, modern, and very creating crosses . Dacarli.com has a large selection of cross pendants with designs ranging from the more traditional and ornate style cross pendants to the more stylized and sophisticated cross pendants.