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How to Choose Earrings that Flatter You

Earrings are at the top of the jewelry hierarchy in importance not only because they draw attention to your face, but also because they can complete an outfit. Earrings can dangle in a seductive way; they an communicate lightheartedness or even convey authority. How to choose the appropriate earrings is the question to consider. Small diamond stud earrings on a teenager would show a level of sophistication to her. It's sort of a training as to a what young woman is to expect as gifts, from a boyfriend. Jewelry! Large diamond studs on a grown woman are not only beautiful, but they represent a certain rank or status. It is a symbol of "rank" ie; wealth the way a woman has when she drives a Mercedez or a Jaguar.

Starting from the ear

The obvious place to start is the ears. Most people’s ears are asymmetrical, but unless the earlobes have really significant difference in height, this is nearly unnoticeable.
If your ears are not pierced yet but you want to pierce them, be sure that the placement of the holes is at equal heights.

  Ear shapes  

If you like the appearance of your ears, you can wear pierced clip-backs or kidney wires, which can highlight beautifully shaped ears. Delicate wires are best for smaller ears. Larger ears require heavier wires or even earrings that cover the lobe such as huggies.

If you are self-conscious about your ears, there are styles that may be able to disguise any imperfection or scar, such as button shapes. If your ears protrude, try earrings that are wider rather than linear.

A rule of thumb is to let the size of your earlobe determine the size of the earrings. Tiny studs go best on delicate ears, larger studs on larger ears.

Earring model Highlighting the shape of your face

The shape of one’s face can be accented with earrings that bring emphasis to its shape. For example, square earrings with angular motifs can highlight a strong, square jawline , while oval earrings can soften angular lines .

Basically, the eyes of the observer is drawn to the point at which an earring ends, especially if the earring is shiny or sparkling. Earrings should not be longer than your jawline. Perhaps you will prefer shorter earrings if your face has a square, triangular or inverted oval jawline. Shorter earrings deflect attention away from those areas.

Drawing attention away from your nose

Here are some tricks to draw attention away from the nose:

  • Use earrings that are not identical to the length of the nose
  • Cover the earlobes
  • Do not dangle below the earlobes
  • Bear no resemblance to the shape of the nose
  • Optimally mirror a shape found in your eyes or mouth

Disguising the subtle signs of aging

In order to camouflage the signs of aging, it is important to stay away from dangling earrings, because they bring attention to sagging features. Here, studs or button earrings will help look younger by drawing attention to your eyes. In addition, if your nose has a vertical emphasis, you might want to stay away from vertical earrings because they may have a mirroring effect. This occurs when the shape and size of the earrings correlates with the shape of the nose. When earrings are about the same size and shape of the nose, the nose will come into focus.

Neck model About the length of your neck

As a general rule, the longer your neck, the greater is the range of earring lengths that are flattering. If you have a short neck, studs or smaller earrings are more flattering than drop earrings. A longer neck can support longer earrings; a shorter neck looks best with studs or button shapes.

Bring your earrings to work

Earrings that are appropriate for the workplace includes studs of almost any type: pearl, diamond, gemstone or metal, shell-shaped earrings ¾” to 1” in diameter, and ¾” to 1” diameter round, oval or hoops. These three categories encompass hundreds of styles. Keep in mind that diamond studs may be considered too flashy for the workplace.