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Sapphires An informed buyer is a future satisfied customer. Here is what you need to know about sapphires: Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum. Corundum is an aluminum oxide that comes in many colors ranging from canary yellow to blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, and colorless . The only exception is with the color red or dark pink . In this case the gemstone is called a ruby.


Visit our Sapphire Diamond Rings CategoryThe cost of natural sapphires varies depending on their color, clarity, size, cut, and overall quality, as well as their geographic origin. Blue sapphires are evaluated based upon the purity of their primary hue with purple, violet, and green being the most common secondary hues found in blue sapphires. Violet and purple can contribute to the overall beauty of the color, while green is considered to be distinctly negative. Blue sapphires with up to 15% violet or purple are generally said to be of fine quality. Brightness is another important factor to be considered when establishing the quality of a sapphire.


Sapphires also occur in shades of orange and brown, and colorless sapphires are sometimes used as diamond substitutes in jewelry. Yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka can be comparable in value to the finest Mogok sapphires. Pushparaga, also known as "Oriental topaz" has a golden or honey yellow color with brownish secondary hues that resembles actual topazes . Visit our Yellow Sapphire Ring Category


Visit our Rainbow Sapphire Rings CategoryThe padparadscha sapphire is the most valuable of the colored sapphires. It is a bright pinkish-orange stone with qualities that are debated even among some jewelers and dealers. It is extremely rare and tends to be found only in Sri Lanka, although padparadscha sapphires have occasionally been found elsewhere. These gems are very valuable with prices per carat that can go higher than the price of high quality diamonds!



Visit our Rainbow Sapphire Rings categoryDacarli.com has a large selection of jewelry set with high quality sapphiress featuring all the available colors. Our rings, bracelets, earrings , and pendants come in a variety of styles from modern to antique with diamond accents and other semi-precious gemstones. All our jewelry is manufactured in the United States of America by talented, skilled, and very experienced jewelers. Every piece that goes out of our doors has to pass a strict quality control. No wonder Dacarli.com has received the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.